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Welcome to In Training! 

This is a very different approach to training! When clients engage with In Training, they quickly realize that they have never had this high level of attention, commitment, dedication and experience - you will be amazed by the knowledge, education, and insight that comes with being a client of In Training. What you are really gaining is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, personal fitness instructor, and motivation coach all in one. With over 30 years of success stories, In Training clients continue to enjoy better health, stronger endurance, and happier lives! The methods, programs and training help athletes with event goals as well as health and fitness enthusiasts excel and improve.


Since the 1980's In Training has been the premier professional fitness consulting and training business from the Lamorinda area to the San Ramon Tri-Valley. Beginning in 2005, In Training created a dedicated facility, Elite Training Systems, where more technical lab testing and unique training is available. Elite methods of fitness testing and training are no longer just for Olympic athletes. All abilities, beginner on up, can utilize these cutting edge performance tools. The training methods and systems are elite, the participants . . . just need a goal. So begin your training journey here. You will be amazed at what your body is capable of with a specialized training program developed by In Training at Elite Training Systems.

Begin with services like: 

  • Complete Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Prescription 
  • Functional Threshold Testing for Cycling and/or Running
  • Lactate Determination Testing, Training Zone Development
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Testing
  • Body Composition Analysis, Resting Metabolic Rate, Girth Measurements
  • Periodized Nutrition Planning coinciding with physical training cycles
  • Sport Psychology Techniques for Mental Toughness

Elite Training Systems offers physiological testing in our lab and development of periodized training programs for runners, cyclists  and fitness enthusiasts.

Step one: set your goal(s).
Step two: select your testing methods above to chart your baseline fitness or starting point to build upon, then schedule your testing date. 
Step three: your training plan is designed and delivered to you on-line or meet in person for your program orientation.

Or join a group training program that coincides with your goal, event type, distance and date. We have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall group training programs year after year for all abilities. Plan your fitness goals out three to six months to even a year in advance and then you are ready to start training with us!

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